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“WHY Vol. 1 pays tribute to the early 90s hip-hop scene, when the rebels ruled the airwaves! This mixtape meshes Public Enemy, Kool Keith, Showbiz & AG, The D.O.C. and more…it’s time to free our braincells and fight back!”

Clothing label Rockers NYC bring to life this eclectic montage of classics that well represented what the 90′s hip-hop scene was all about. Before censorship and when fans were the voice of music, these were some of the artists that topped the charts. You also can view the full tracklist if you hit continue reading.


1. Public Enemy: Bring The Noise
2. Ice Cube: AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted
3. Kool keith: poppa large (east coast remix)
4. The D.O.C.: Grand Finalé
5. 2 Pac (Feat Pee Wee): Something Wicked
6. Naughty By Nature: Uptown Anthem
7. Gravediggaz: Bang Your Head
8. EPMD: Headbanger
9. Method Man: Bring the Pain
10. Onyx: Throw Ya Gunz
11. Mad Lion: Shoot To Kill
12.Jamalski: Beatbox
13.Red Foxx: Dem a murderer
14. Shabba Ranks: The Jam (Ft. KRS-1)
15. Showbiz & AG: Party Groove (Bass Mix)
16. Gang Starr: Soliloquy Of Chaos

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