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New track off Juxx’ Hard Bodie Hip Hop album with French producer Kyo Itachi. Continue reading for their latest videos and tracklist.

Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi – No Prints ft. R.A. The Rugged Man

Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi – Fuck Ruste Juxx

01.Hard bodie hip hop intro
02.Hot shit for u
03.Boom bap goon rap
04.F#8k Ruste Juxx
05.No prints (feat R.A The Rugged Man)
06.Anti wack shit (feat Ecorce)
07.Three the squad way (feat Vinnie Paz & Rock)
08.Termin 8 (feat F.T)
09.Ryder man feat Sime Auto
10.Darkest nights (feat Blaq Poet & Dirt Platoon)
11.Hardest from the underground
12.Victory is all mine
13.Im def (Thug Angelz) (feat 6th Sky)
14.Strapped wit a whut! (with Little Vic)
15.Boom Bap Classic (feat Rh Bless & King Magnetic)
16.Alibi (feat Milez Grimez , Shabaam Sahdeeq & Come

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