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In part 2 of the interview, HardknockTV sits down with Saigon to discuss Atlantic record label, some fellow rappers, greatest producers of all time and his comeback to Entourage series.

This segment starts of with Saigon breaking down what happened with his former label Atlantic and why his record never came out. Sai gives us insight as to how Atlantic was trying to change him as an artist, which he wasn’t feeling. The conversation transitions into Lupe Fiasco’s current situation with Atlantic delaying the release of his album. The Yardfather also talks about his relationship with Jay-Z and how Hova has taken 3 beats that Just Blaze made that Sai wanted for his own project. Speaking of Just Blaze, when asked to rank him in the best hip hop producers of all time Saigon says he would put him at number 3. Can you guess whom he put at 1 & 2? Saigon shares a couple other stories during this interview but we don’t want to give it all away.

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