Blackout Top News

The Skratch Makaniks Crew is beginning a TV Series on Skratch Makanik TV called Makanik Mondays – Featuring DJ Excel, DJ Jay-Ski, DJ Sat-One, DJ Aktive, DJ Bee, DJ A. Vee, DJ Spinbad, DJ Adam-Bomb, DJ Kwestion, DJ Jeyone, DJ Impulse and DJ Bonics. The show will launch this Monday, April 4th at 7pm est, hosted by DJ Jay-Ski.
Makanik Mondays will be showcasing the art of turntablism, giving the DJs a chance to show-off their talents as well as aspiring DJs to pick up a few new techniques and hear new music. The Crew will also be doing interviews and teaching viewers more about them as a team and where they come from.

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