Blackout Top News

Looks like there is a new revolution going on in Eastern Europe! A new sound has come out of what was just a simple idea about freedom and hope. Tijana Bass was introduced to the notorious Croatian rapper/producer David Vurdelja a.k.a. BABY DOOKS who is not only known for his production credits with some of the best Croatian rap artist but also with many U.S and world hip hop stars too. He is also a member of the famous Croatian Hip Hop group called ”BOLESNA BRACA”- they are one of the legends in the Balkan Hip Hop scene!

Tijana’s long time producer & manager Sean “Studdah Man” De Vore made the whole historical collaboration possible when he introduced Tijana to the legendary Croatian dj and entrepreneur DJ PHAT PHILLIE known for his Blackout Hip Hop movement which is responsible for bringing most of the U.S veteran Hip Hop acts to that region to perform.

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