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Snoop Dogg has been releasing several tracks from the new album ˝Coolaid˝ to get fans interested in the whole thing. The newest hip-hop release is “My Carz,” a track produced by the great J Dilla.

Maestro has used the beat of a song named “Trucks” that appears on the just released ˝ The Diary˝ album. The song can be described as electro hip-hop infused and the song also samples classic 1979 track, “Cars” by Gary Numan.

“My Carz” can be definded as hip hop vet rap, and you can check how it sounds in J Dilla´s production on SoundCloud. Also make sure to check out the latest two tracks from the ˝ Coolaid˝; “Light it Up” and “Super Crip”.

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