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SoulKeks: Mr Dirty Hairy with DJ Kool S (Pula) Chakka's Room 21.02

SoulKeks is back once again for February with more crumbs on the turntables.
After Florence Mambo Chick’s educational afro-latin fused selections and Nenad Borovic (DJ Borovich’s)
‘ 6 hours of love set ‘ January of 2014 DEFINITELY started correct.
Thanks to everyone that came through on those parties and Chakka Swraka for putting us on. A real positive vibe.
Next up:
Hairy will take us on a trip into some heavy Čevapi funk dipping into hip hop / disco / latin / soul / yugo / and other assorted greasy beats with extra kajmak and onions.
A Strictly vinyl meal Hairy has called upon the help of young up coming and heavy record-digging DJ ,
DJ Kool S (Pula) to serve up some šiš soul and grah grooves for starters and dessert.
Ok enough food references .
You simply dont get a chance to hear this sort of music in Zagreb, with a positive vibe and delivered with much love so come through ! its ***free entry *** drink a beer or rakija and tuck in to SoulKeks : FINA SELEKCIJA
Dobar funking tek.

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