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moment of truth_album

Atlanta based Hip Hop artist Spectac hits us with his second official full-length release on HiPNOTT Records, returning after an almost 3 year hiatus. For his return, the “Almost Famous” veteran emcee has enlisted the help of long-time friend, producer and deejay, Shakim. Together the duo brings us their first release titled For the People on February 19th.

Long-time Spectac fans can look forward to a more aggressive Spectac as he tackles recent issues surrounding politics, relationships, and other relevant subject matter. Production-wise, For The People is producer Shakim’s first official effort… though it would be hard to tell as the veteran deejay has a keen ear for soulful samples and displays impeccable drum work.

The first single, “Moment Of Truth” is a Symphony style posse cut that features underground stalwarts Skyzoo, Warren Wint, Sha Stimuli and Senor Kaos. Producer Shakim ups the ante on a funky loop allowing each emcee a chance to spit lyrical darts. Look for the album, For the People to be one of the sleeper joints of 2013.

Download the song here.


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