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Honky & Sambo are Skits Vicious (Dope DOD) and Simon Roofless (Goldminerz). Together they form a duo rapping in they’re signature styles, sonically supported by Chubeats. “It’s a Dope Gold thing”

“Who’s ready? ‪#‎rooflessnvicious‬ ‪#‎honkynsambo‬ New album online. Another edition to the Dope Gold franchise. With a score brought 2 you by‪#‎Chubeats‬ and special guest appearances by Dopey Rotten, Rook Da Rukus and JayReaper. Skits Vicious and SIMON ROOFLESS are: “Honky & Sambo” Christmas comez early this year…” ‪#‎dodarmy‬

Honky and Sambo

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