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Talk about an imaginative reworking of a Jazz sample! Tall Black Guy pays tribute to Roy Ayers with his own futuristic interpretation of the man’s music, crafting an uptempo groove and wonderful effects to create a new vision of beauty of music we know from the Jazz legend.

Check out the latest trailer for Roy Ayers documentary here.
Documentary features after the jump.

Via Collector’s Item.

Documentary features:

Rich Medina (DJ/Producer)
LA Jay (Producer)
John B. Williams (Bassist for Roy Ayers in Early 70’s) (Overlay)
Questlove (Percussionist/DJ/Producer) (Overlaid)
DJ Premier (Producer/DJ)
Stalley & Curren$y (Right to Left) (Emcees) (Overlaid)
Ski Beatz (Producer)
DJ Center (DJ/Producer) (Overlaid)
Andre Torres (Founder of WaxPoetics)
Houseshoes (DJ/Producer)
John B. Williams
Ndugu Chancler (Percussionist/Professor)

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