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Tamara Saul is the songstress whose name’s recently started to pop up in various artist circles, blogs and DJ podcasts. She’s all about the beautiful noise of the streets, r’n’b, hip-hop, long nights and cocktails, soul and coffee and she’s introducing us to her world with her first solo project, Neon Nights EP, produced by Mister Bibal and set to be released in early 2013.

Hailing from Croatia, Tamara was brought to light by this talented Parisian producer and taste maker, and supported by Soulville crew. Following her stay in Paris in 2011, she made her guest appearance on Bibal’s album Failure, released in 2012, along the likes of John Robinson, Black Spade, Wildchild & Kris Mars, which caught the attention of Trueflav Records collective.

Neon Nights EP, which she wrote herself entirely, is a mixture of summer craved r’n’b sound, raw and honey coated vocals, ’00s barbecue parties and late afternoon flavored beats, as well as 5 am loneliness and darkness, combined with some glitch, trying to make her music sound like moments of her life.

She is in love with Floetry sexiness, Kelis, mint color, chocolate and kittens and misses The Neptunes sound.

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