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When it comes time to get romantic, listening to hip-hop is probably not your first choice. R&B slow jams, sensitive rock ballads, smoothed-out jazz—anything but a dude yelling at you over a neck-snapping beat. If it’s a sex song, they got you. if it’s a pimpin’ players anthem, they got you. But a romantic love song? That’s some sucker shit.

Still, ever since LL Cool J hit pop radio with “I Need Love,” 24 years ago, a steady stream of rappers have tried their hand at the elusive “love song.” And from thug-love anthems to sensitive bohemian odes, a handful have actually done it well. In honor of Valentine’s Day, Complex compiled this countdown of our favorite love-themed raps. Light up the incense, cuddle up to shorty wop and press play on the 25 Best Hip-Hop Love Songs.

Check the list here.

And if you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day, this list is more for you: Ten Rap Ballads That Will Make You Stab Yourself In The Face With A Broken Bottle

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