Blackout Top News

El-P says that with Camu Tao’s just-released posthumous album, King of Hearts, Definitive Jux is done putting out new music, at least for the foreseeable future. An indie rap imprint isn’t really an economically viable thing anymore, of course, and it’s sometimes hard to remember that there was a time when the subgenre felt like hip-hop’s future. But that was less than a decade ago; on the heels of Rawkus Records, El rallied a group of beatmakers, MCs, and friends who weren’t just talented, but had the same taste for (fun)crushing, post-political musical theater. It was bleak as hell…when it wasn’t riotously funny. Though some argue that the label peaked early, as Complex counts down their classics, it’s clear why it will be forever be—to its generation—synonymous with heartfelt, anti-corporate hip-hop.

Check the list over @ Complex.

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