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The Cover Up is the first in a series of mixes by Spin Doctor consisting entirely of cover versions blending tunes you know and love re-imagined and replayed in this hour long mix. Including versions of Nas, Ol Dirty, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and covers of B-Boy classics like Apache, Shaft & The Mexican this is a sure fire classic with something for everyone.

“I have been collecting covers for a minute now and decided to start putting together this series of The Cover Up mixes. I am always looking for versions that offer something different to the original or, that on that all too rare occasion, improve on the original.
This first mix has a bunch of my recent favourites along with some well worn classics. I’m planning an all Hip-Hop mix, a Motown special, a Beatles selection, a Reggae mix and more like this with just a bunch of my fave covers so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more.” Spin Doctor

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