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The last time The D.O.C. performed in Dallas was back in December of 1989 at Fair Park. After working with N.W.A. and releasing a debut album that is an undisputed hip-hop masterpiece, it was a tragic homecoming show. Just a month earlier, The D.O.C. had severely damaged his vocal chords in a car accident and lost one hell of a powerful voice.

The D.O.C. had just spent two and a half weeks in the hospital and it was a miracle he could even stand on a stage. “The record company wanted me to go out and push the record,” he recalls. “But I couldn’t rap. It wasn’t me. It was the tape and they wanted me to lip synch.” He admits that he had to get completely trashed to gather enough courage to go on stage.

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  1. Davor Wolf Vesligaj on Facebook on October 19, 2015