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In Part 1, Premier reflects on the origins of hip hop sound, dating back to the days when the pioneering DJs acted as producers by looping records using 2 turntables as a form of sampling, the core foundation which influenced his own groundbreaking production and DJ style. Jeru shares his own memories of what hip hop sounded like in it’s early days and the importance of keeping the traditional elements around. If there’s anyone who shows how to use little resources and carry on tradition properly to make classic hip hop, it’s the Gangstarr Foundation.
It’s nice to see what the inside of D&D studios (now Headcquarterz) looks like in these videos, as a native New Yorker I hope to make a visit one day.

In part 3, the final part of this interview you get a chance to hear The Guru speak, he explains the ideas behind how the Gangstarr Foundation is formed and maintains longevity based on brotherhood and realizing how each member plays their own part. The whole crew looks like one happy family, and I am still inspired to this day by that type of respect among artists in hip hop.

Download: Part 1 & Part 3

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  2. Michael on November 04, 2013

    It’s nice to see respect among the Black Brotherhood, without the use of a smith and wessun.