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DJ Eclipse:

Steve jumps on the mic at 34:37 and talks a little before introducing Smif-N-Wessun at 36:38. SNW come back again at 50:18 and then get into a freestyle at 54:41 along with their man The Mighty Mateen. In between all this Riz gets busy with joints and before long Steve is back (96:25) to chop it up some more and introduce Parallax (Ei8Trak) who show up again at 112:10.

Listening to these shows is sort of like the prequels to most people’s career. We all know most of these artists now, but back then a lot of these groups were just starting to make a name for themselves. Like Steve asking Smif-N-Wessun “who’s Mr. Walt?” (54:06). We’ve come a long way.

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