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In the final feature from‘s Indie Series, we take a look at the mecca of hip-hop independence, Fat Beats. We took the time to sit down with the stores founder Joe Abajian and DJ Eclipse. We talked about how Joe had the idea for Fat Beats and how Eclipse finally joined the team. We get into how Fat Beats took advantage of the labels not being willing to sign artists that weren’t guaranteed sellers. Both Joe and Eclipse then explain the Fat Beats movement, and Joe explains how hip-hop’s competitiveness helped drive the popularity of the store.

Hit continue reading to watch part 2 of this interview where they talk about the mystique of Fat Beats. They talk about how Joe took the Fat Beats brand to the left coast, and how it gave an opportunity for then up and coming acts in LA to get their name. At the end, Eclipse talks about the legacy of Fat Beats.

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