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A month ago we got our hands on the leaked video of BANG! from Tha Alkaholiks & The Beatnuts project LikNuts. The joint project that was originally announced back in 2011, but never saw the light of official release now seems to be coming sooner than we thought.

In a recent interview with Mass Appeal Tash of The Alkaholiks commented:

They already compare us, saying the Beatnuts are the East Coast Alkaholiks and the Tha Liks are the West Coast Beatnuts. We came together as a group; it’s The Alkaholiks—L-I-K-S—and the Nuts—N-U-T-S. It’s pretty much done.

Tash also says adds that the EP naturally transformed itself to a full long-play record with 19 tracks ready, while DJ E-Swift adds that they’re “just putting the finishing touches on that.”

The album is called LikNuts and the group is called LikNuts. That tell you what to do with yourself if you don’t like it… We likwid, we spill ‘em on people.


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