Blackout Top News


DJ Eclipse:

Bobbito was out of town on this one so Stretch let the music rock for almost an hour before getting on the mic (54:05). Mic Geronimo and some of his Wastelands crew were there and joined him on this mic break. At 56:45 Mic G. and crew get busy. After that Stretch continues on with music and hops on the mic for a few seconds (110:06) to mention that one of the tapedecks isn’t working.

Other then that he proceeds with new joints up until he breaks into an old school set (114:09). Another mic break after that set (175:46) and me, Riz, A.Vee and Ken from Japan join him for shenanigans. After a long segment of jokes Stretch continues on with some old school flavor right up until 243:00 where we all get back on the mic to end the show.

Seems that the Jazz “Man” was late so they actually ran an extra 10 minutes overtime. Shout out once again to Nes from dirtywaters blog for providing me with some audio I needed to complete the entire night.”

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