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DJ Eclipse:

I filled in this night as Stretch was off somewhere in Russia. Bobbito set off the show, but unfortunately I rarely saved his sets since he wasn’t DJing then, but rather just playing cassette demos (yeah I know I screwed up). So basically I missed an hour and 15 minutes of the beginning of the show. This recording starts with my set, but not before Bob hops on the mic for a few.

Music aside, the mic break with Lord Sear (48:31) is worth the price of admission alone. He tears into Chris LaMonica (LOUD Records), Marvski (“Simple”), Nasty Vaz (“ma, it hurts”), Scrappy (“the water boy”) and DJ Eli (“Phil Collins”). Had me in tears. I went back into another set after that and spun up until Lord Sear made his debut on the wheels on KCR (130:34). Sear took it to the end of the show and of course they had to have another hilarious mic break before the Jazz man showed up (141:32). I swear the mic breaks were just as important if not more so then the music played on these shows.

The Stretch & Bobbito Show w/DJ Eclipse 89.9 WKCR August 7, 1997 by Itsdjeclipse on Mixcloud

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