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Here’s the 1988 Tougher Than Leather, the cult favorite Run DMC movie directed by Rick Rubin.
The action starts off similar to The Blues Brothers, with DMC getting out of prison (a crazy voice-over courtesy of PE’s Flavor Flav quickly setting the mood of the picture). He’s met outside the prison gates by Run and the late Jam Master Jay. From there, things evolve into a cross between a blaxploitation flick spoofing the evils of the music industry and modern film noir… albeit with a plot as challenging as a Scooby-Doo episode. Attacked for being vulgar, sexist and racist, the film does boast some cool camera work and lighting, cameos galore (Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons both appear in acting roles as well as ’80s porn star Lois Ayres), plenty of dumb jokes that might be funny under the right circumstances and some cool-as-hell on-stage performances, including Run-D.M.C. rippin’ through “Beats to the Rhyme,” Slick Rick doing “Treat Her Like A Prostitute” and the Beastie Boys’ rendition of the rare track “Desperado.”

Via egotrip.

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