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Going into our 8th year of throwing True School Hip Hop Park Jams in the NYC Parks, we are reminded of the classic movie “Field of Dreams” where major legends and unsung heroes gather in the summer to do what they love best. People hear about it from all over and rush to relive or experience a time in the NYC parks where a culture that didn’t yet have a name took it’s first baby steps…

Go here to watch the trailer for this year’s True School Park Jam & footage from last year, and hit continue reading to check the dates and lineups.

  1. Christie Z-Pabon on June 05, 2010

    Thanks Phillie!!!!

  2. […] Media production, this Mark Carranceja filmed and directed edit highlights week one of the Park Jam Series. The series sets off at Spanish Harlem’s White Park as breakers, DJ’s and true school […]