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As we patiently wait for Talib’s latest solo effort Gutter Rainbows to drop today on Talib’s new imprint Talibra, The Smoking Section made an interview with the man.

TSS: So Gutter Rainbows…is it a glorified mixtape? A souped-up street album exclusive to North America? What’s the basis behind it?

Talib Kweli: I feel like it’s a full album. When people see it as a “street album,” I take that as a compliment because there is street elements to it. When people see it as more musical, I take that as a compliment too because there’s definitely lots of instrumentation on most of the songs. I’m just trying diversify myself with every album.

If you want to know more about how and why his new LP Gutter Rainbows came to be, his stance on being pigeonholed vs. being held to great expectations and the last time he somehow sullied a spiritual reckoning hit The Smoking Section to read the whole interview.

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