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Good Guy Boris is a Berlin-based filmmaker and author who has decided to make and release a new film along with a book. Both of them will be dedicated to graffiti, moreover they are documenting the daredevil graffiti artists risking their lives to get to the best spots in Berlin.

The name of the film is “Über Freaks”, and it shows places located deep in Berlin. It also shows how big the dedication of one group is as they risk their lives for their art which most of the people judge.

With this film Boris has tried to open a door of grafitti to the viewers and give them a chance to see how this colourful world looks like from their point of view. He tried to paint this world of adrenaline and thrill-seeking moments that they live everyday.

Along with the film the book is coming out soon. Boris will drop a book titled “Grifters Code: Documenting Modern Graffiti Writing.” The book is imagined as a story behind Boris’s creation of The Grifters.

Both the film and the book will released on the sam date and that is February 8 at 8 p.m here.

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