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The Kool Skool Radio Show, hosted by Shucks One “the Idiot”. Originally broadcast on London’s only real hiphop culture station ITCH FM, 21/1/06. Features sections of interviews with the Ultramagnetic MC’s DJ Moe Luv, live on the Kool Skool and in conversation with Shucks for an Undercover Magazine article on the Bronx group. also: Unreleased/rare tracks, Cookie Crew’s Suzie-Q talking about Ultra, Moe Luv talking about Paul C, UMC’s, Tim Dog, N.W.A., etc Rare Ultra appearance on Marley Marl In Control circa 87′

Listen to part 1 and part 2.
Via The Kool Skool.

  1. Shucks One The Idiot on December 17, 2011

    Many thanks for the love!
    Its now on my Mixcloud along with Jeru & Cormega! All the best!
    Check out the youtube for extremely rare old Hip-Hop Footage
    Peace Shucks