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Robbie Ettelson:

As promised, here’s the first part of the Eighties Edition. This period is a little trickier, as for much of it rap was still a ‘singles’ medium, so many artists never even got to release albums at all, which opens the playing field pretty wide. To keep it manageable, I’ve stuck to crews and soloists that put out at least one LP during their career and excluded b-sides that were tacked onto the CD versions of albums or second pressings (such as Jungle BrothersThe Promo). I almost feel like doing a compilation of Jive Records Most Disgraceful UK Remixes’ just to shame them, but nobody in their right mind would actually listen to that.

Check out the tracklist after the jump.

Unkut’s Rare Non-Album B-Sides (80’s Edition, Volume 1)

Via unkut

Track listing:

01 ‘Wrath Of Kane’ – Big Daddy Kane
02 ‘Jack The Ripper’ – LL Cool J
03 ‘Your Arms Too Short To Box With God’ – Lakim Shabazz
04 ‘A Chorus Line’ – Ultramagnetic MCs feat. Tim Dog
05 ‘Puttin On The Hits’ – Latee feat. The 45 King
06 ‘B-Side Wins Again’ [Original Version] – Public Enemy1
07 ‘Together Forever (Krush Groove 2)’ – Run-DMC
08 ‘Take The Bait’ [12″ Version] – Craig G
09 ‘Playing For Keeps’ – Low Profile
10 ‘A Bitch Iz A Bitch’ – N.W.A.
11 ‘Ya Better Bring A Gun’ – King Tee feat. Mixmaster Spade
12 ‘Chillin” – Chill Rob G
13 ‘I’m Fly’ – Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
14 ‘Cocaine’ [Live Version] – MC Shan2
15 ‘Let’s Go’ – Kool Moe Dee
16 ‘P Is Free’ [Original Version] – Boogie Down Productions
17 ‘Fat Girl’ – Eazy-E feat. Ron-De-Vu
18 ‘La Di Da Di’ – Doug E Fresh and MC Ricky D
19 ‘Freedom Of Speak (We Got Three Minutes)’ – De La Soul
20 ‘In Time’ – Jungle Brothers feat. Q-Tip

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