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Robbie Ettelson:

Following the huge response to the question ‘What is the greatest story rap ever?’ it’s become clear that there was no way that one compilation could do the genre justice, so for starters here are some lesser known but still (largely) recognized tales about sumptuous stunts, trips to the bing and tearing the heads off of Ninja Turtle dolls.

Unkut’s Story Rap Deep Cuts Mix

Check out the tracklist after the jump.

Via unkut

01 ‘Lost In Tha System’ – Da Lench Mob
02 ‘Act A Fool’ – King Tee
03 ‘For Those Who Slept’ – The Bizzie Boyz
04 ‘Bad Dreams’ – Chill Rob G
05 ‘Tales From The Crack Side’ – K-Solo
06 ‘Operation CB’ – Kool G. Rap
07 ‘Out On A Furlough’ – WC And The MAAD Circle
08 ‘Intoxicated’ – Greyson & Jasun
09 ‘Girl In The Mall’ – Grand Daddy I.U.
10 ‘Chuck Cheese’ – Organized Konfusion
11 ‘Hands Of A Stranger’ – Hard Knocks
12 ’10 B. 3′ – O.G. Style
13 ‘A Night To Remember’ – P.H.D.
14 ‘Contact Blitt’ – KMD
15 ‘I Never Made 20’ – Royal Flush
16 ‘No Exit’ – Akinyele
17 ‘Best Friend’s Girl’ – Original Flavor
18 ‘Mary Go Round’ – Cool C
19 ‘Bust One Fa Me’ – Threat
20 ‘Outlaw’ – Def IV
21 ‘Going Wild In the Penile’ – Tim Dog
22 ‘Mommie Dearest’ – Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard

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