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Vertual Vertigo consists of longtime friends Ezekiel38 (aka Cea3) and Cerebral Vortex (aka Medisin) and DJ Japandrew. Vortex and Ezekiel met in Nurberg Germany in the year 2000. After comparing each others musical traits, likes and dislikes in a few lengthy cyphers the two became instant allies and formed the VERT. Over the years many members have come and given significant contributions to the groups musical taste however the foundation of the crew (VORTEX AND EZEKIEL38) remains the key to the overall progression of the group. Later in 2008 Dj Japandrew was working on another project with the joliet crew DOOMWATCH DRAGONS, by supplying beats and cuts. Japandrew and Ezekiel soon realized the chemistry was more than a projects worth and bridged the gap to VERTUAL VERTIGO, making Japandrew the new and official DJ of the crew.

Via Fat Beats.

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