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New York City has always been a place that values the art of the hustle. Not the suits on Wall Street, but the kids out here flipping sneakers, bud or whatever just to get that cheddar. That insatiable drive is embedded in the very name of one of its most prominent hip hop collectives A$AP Mob: “Always Strive And Prosper.”

The Mob has come a long way since those days when Yams was grinding online to build up the group’s name on Tumblr. It’s already been six years since A$AP Rocky busted out of that bodega and introduced himself as that “pretty motherfucker” in the “Peso” visual. Yet the Mob continues to strive, with its members releasing project after project for half of a decade. To date, the Mob has sold more than 1.5 million albums, and just dropped its latest collaborative LP, ‘Cozy Tapes, Vol 2: Too Cozy,’ today.

It is difficult to pinpoint what exactly made A$AP Mob one of the Rotten Apple’s most iconic rap crews. Of course, much credit goes to its founder, the late great A$AP Yams. Furthermore, each Mob member occupies a different lane. Rocky has that unmatchable flow with the added bonus of an uncanny taste in style. A$AP Ferg has an infectious energy and countless flows. Nast can murk a boom-bap beat and Twelvyy knows how to bring that raw and gritty New York rap. Let’s not forget about lesser known members like A$AP Tyy, who can spit while popping a wheelie, and up-and-coming members like A$AP K, who follows the vein of Harlem greats like Dapper Dan.

Words can’t quantifying A$AP Mob’s young legacy, though, so in typical MASS APPEAL fashion, we’re going to let the numbers (and some dope art) do the talking. Check out our “A$AP Mob By The Numbers” video above to learn exactly how many brands Flacko has named dropped in his songs and how many times Ferg has called himself “Traplord.” Don’t forget to peep the full infographic below. Rest in Peace, A$AP YAMS.

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