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New York’s very own Ameer is back with his new mixtape “PEACE BELOVED” presented by Pete Rock with a slated release in April 2016. The journey begins, combining sounds from all walks of his diversified background and surroundings, Ameer’s music became what he calls, “World-Hop”. A fusion of all genres of music that moves us all can be heard in the instrumentation and fiber of his lyrics/music. His prior mixtape “AMEERica”, was well received and revered by listeners. Intelligence, love, pain, death and a sincere celebration of life is the core of Ameer’s music. Gaining recognition from the likes of MTV, Russell Simmons, VEVO, XXL, The Source, and some of the most elite blogs online, the musical energy speaks for itself. Pushing the creative envelope and the social norm of music is Ameer’s aim. With humble confidence we will deliver PEACE BELOVED to the mercy of the ears of the world. He’s letting you further into his life , loves, and mishaps while he continues his journey to success.

Ameer has already been featured on This is, On Smash, Hip Hop DX, and featured on the homepage of VEVO. Check out the official Ameer Music VEVO page and certified Rap Genius profile. With over 200k views on the “SUCKER FREE” video on VEVO AMEERica earned a homepage TAKE OVER on His previous video ” Talk Like Panther” premiered on VIBE .com. Ameer was declared a ” STRONG Lyricist” by VIBE he’s quickly heating up online and becoming an hip-hop favorite. The TRUE,GOOD and BEAUTIFUL journey continues as PEACE BELOVED creates an unforgettable experience.

Video: Ameer - Peace Beloved

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