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Brooklyn storytelling at its finest over Detroit production. Skyzoo takes us back through his borrow describing times when aspiration couldn’t be more simple. The video was shot in Calvan Fowler’s “Jordan Heads” shop. It’s an all Air Jordan sneaker boutique, located in Brooklyn, NY, the birthplace of Michael Jordan. The shop is considered to be the premiere destination for Jordan Heads worldwide. Hit continue reading for additional insight from Skyzoo and Apollo Brown.

“When I wrote this song, the idea was to really zero in on what we were told as youngins’ in my neighborhood what was important. To us, the small wins of a pair of Jordans and a gold chain meant the world, and with that in mind some of us lived on a “by any means” aspect and did whatever it took to fulfill those desires. Whether right or wrong, we all aimed for the same things where I’m from, and this record is a testament of those moments.” – Skyzoo

“Sonically I wanted to give this record something that was minimal, gritty, and straight to the point; almost underproduced. Skyzoo did his thing, talking about a topic that I think we can all relate to as younger folk. It was always a goal to be one of the “haves”, instead of the “have-nots”. Jordan’s and a Gold chain gave that representation.” – Apollo Brown


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