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Asher Roth recently made a visit over to the world famous Skee Lodge to have a one-on-one with DJ Skee and discuss his new beginnings. After being out of the limelight for some time and dealing with the ups and downs of the industry, Asher opens up about having to reinvent himself and his perceived public image. The “College” MC also speaks on the difficulty of growing as an artist in the eyes of fans and gives an honest account on the way he began to feel once his career gradually slowed down. Asher also shares his experience with finding peace by creatively working past his shortcomings and keeping his music sincere to provide a remedy and balance to his life. With the recent release of his latest collaborative mixtape with DJ Drama and Don Cannon, The Greenhouse Effect 2, Asher appears to be focused and ready to demonstrate to fans once again of his lyrical talent.

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