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  1. Double D on May 18, 2011

    Stage fright…

    ..but not for Busta Rhymes… Or did he? ..’cause let’s be real people, 2/3rds of the raps were performed by Spliff, which I was expecting… and that’s cool, Spliff did his thang respectively.
    So the show started and after a few numbers it was obvious (unfortunately) how it’s gonna end. The whole hour and 15 mins (woooow?!??!?!) was so well planned out and orchestrated, like a little play. Which I didn’t pay to see. I came to a rap concert, a party and so did the rest of the peeps. But I guess no one noticed that, cause they were all to much into it.. And don’t get me wrong, I was to – gettin my little dance on, jumpin hands up and everything… But, damn! I do that every time I here Bustas songs, even from my laptop… The organizers should’ve called the venue Busta Rhymes Limited edition, cause I would’ve gladly payed for the Directors Cut. And Buss, If you ‘re all business bro, I wanna see you in a suit and a tie, man!