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Chris Orrick officially retired the moniker Red Pill and takes dead aim at Trump era ambition built on lies and self-agrandizement.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed a growing movement on the internet called “The Red Pill” that continues to gain momentum. They spew hate and ignorance, in a totally misconstrued interpretation of the famous scene in the movie “The Matrix” that we both draw inspiration from. I tried to ignore it, but given my own values and principles and especially given the current political and social climate that we live in, I couldn’t live with myself being associated with their bullshit. From now on I’m going by my real name. You can call me Chris.

Chris Orrick

The first video single by Chris Orrick is titled Your Ambition. It features P.O.S of Doomtree and is produced by Ill Poetic.

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