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DAYO is Bulgarian artistic collective made up of individuals who share parallel interests in music. After 2 years in the studio Bojidar (Trombobby) Vassilev, Vassil (Soulization) Voutev, Evden Dimitrov, Mihail Filipov & DJ Rawland released their first self-titled album. It’s uncompromised hypnotic neo-soul with Hip-Hop samples and loops featuring local vocalists like Desy, Saigo, Ishkan & Moka Only. The first video off the album, Soul Searchin’, is a true representor for the single. It’s more like a short-cinematic experience taking us through an emblematic venue in Sofia to end up with on a chilling nature-ful morning, bringing that mellow and improvising, ever-searching sound. Stream and grab a copy of DAYO‘s album via Bandcamp.

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