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Cutmaster Swift: A real treat for the many fans that remembers when DJ Cash Money revolutionizing the art of scrathin’ with this Trouble FunkPump Me Up gem! Here’s my live 2011 freestyle interpolation of his classic!

We have a legendary UK scratch-mix DJ, Cutmaster Swift, active from the mid 80’s, from the 1st generation of UK Hip-Hop and a member of the DJ unit Tha Enforcers. He was a pioneer of techniques as the art of turntablism began to evolve. He released 4 albums titled Battle Breaks and did numerous remixes and production since ’88. If I’m not mistakin’, the only time his vocal can be heard on record is on Blackout Meets Cutmaster Swift & 279, from the ’97 Croatian household album Blackout ProjectProject Impossible.

He holds several DMC Titles – 1988 DMC UK Champion, 1989 DMC World Champion, 1989 DMC UK Champion, 1996 DMC UK Champion, 1999 DMC UK Team Champion, 2001 DMC Hall of Fame.

A little bonus – check out 1997 Top DJ Mag videos of Cutmaster Swift including exclusive interview with Swift and a LIVE Performance @ AquariusPart 1 / Part 2


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