Blackout Top News

Da Youngsta’s were crazy dope, I never stopped listenin’ since I first heard their music over 10 years ago as my sources were very limited but hey; their music stayed relevant and aged brilliantly as it sounds fresh like a breeze in 2017 on a real tip, filled with dopeness, quality, consistency, originality, creativity, passion, flavor and realness. Da Youngsta’s are a must on a weekly basis for me, you just might hear one of stupid dope and rare remixes of their tracks that were not featured within 500+ Dig Of The Day posts, somewhere outside near my “cruisin’ vicinity” since warmer days are here and I ain’t bumpin no kiddie music word up.

We have a smooth one with a video that yells vintage, a title track off their last, but not final album as they are currently workin on a new project. Qu’ran Goodman, Taji Goodman and Tarik Dawson whatz good.

Produced by Emanuel “M.G.” Parks

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