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DJ Chill & Dirty Hairy spent a lot of time in 2010 / 2011 interviewing and filming for a short documentary about digging vinyl records in the Balkans and all things related to those beautiful circular plates. From collecting to DJ’ing to running 2nd hand record stores to sampling, beatmaking and beyond…….

This is some unused footage from a session of Dirty Hairy breaking down the MPC’s and doing some sampling , but unfortunatley we had already finished an almost full day of digging and filming. Straight after this we had to go on the radio for our show MIXTAPE SESSIONS after and then straight to a gig in ZGB.. Whilst that sounds like the perfect day for dj’s diggers’ and beatmakers , and to be honest it sorta was.
this session was re filmed later on with more planing ,less rushed and better examples of what these machines can do .

To explain it more simply , after a 5 hour dig , we arrived at Dirty’s place , some one immediately hit ‘ record ‘ on the camera and Chill said , ” Ok Hairy represent your stuff , give a us a run down! This is the result unplanned , unprepared unorganised nonsense ..

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