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At this year’s Philly Jam, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jeremy Ellis and The Roots went back and forth to see who can rock the crowd the most using the Super Mario Bros. theme song, Nintendo Life reports. This DJ battle started as Philadelphia native Jazzy Jeff started a beat-juggling routine on his turntables with Questlove adding in his own drum snares and kicks. Will Smith’s longtime buddy and music partner scratched back and forth and made great use of his turntables and crossfader.
This live, turntable remix completely changed when Jeremy Ellis joined the fray with nothing but his Native Instrument Maschine. Ellis used samples of the original 8-bit game to make his own beats in a completely different way than Jazzy Jeff did. In proper Nintendo fashion, Ellis button-pressed his way into providing his own take on the Super Mario Bros. theme song, much to the delight of the crowd. The result is a monumental tribute to Super Mario done by both the old school and modern ways of hip hop beat production.

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