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Guys from the Ear-Sight had invented a uniqe way to film they`r beat maker while they are doing their job. The show is called Beats on the Road and it represents a new concept of jaming in publick traficking. The name of the show is telling us everything, the beat makers will be on the road traveling somewhere and while doing that they will be making music.

First on the road is Digitalluc, the one of the more crowd favourite producers from Gremany . He has alredy done two videos of “the Beats on the Road” . The first one is shorter one , and represents a Launch-Set, but the second one is a much longer Set with predominantly unreleased productions!

They have an upload schedule and it looks like this :

28/06 Clockwerk feat. Chefket (Special)
05/07 Svumato #2
19/07 Figub Brazlevič #3
02/08 Clockwerk #4
16/08 Lunchbag #5
+ specials


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