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Ellis Meade - All I Can Do COVER (1)

An interesting and creative song called Many Days from the long awaited debut album from Manchester Rapper/Producer Ellis Meade. This 20 track LP is a masterclass in versatility and creative ability from the Room2 Records Co-Founder, with Ellis doing more than the lion’s share of vocals AND production, not to mention the heap of music videos he has directed and edited for the project.

With tracks of varying tempos and styles, Ellis effortlessly laces this sonic journey with a smooth intricacy that only the man himself can deliver.

Features include rappers Sparkz, iLLChill from L.A and Boston born France based rapper Mattic, and producers Pete Cannon, Kydro and Proclaim Knowledge, as well as vocal features from Laura White, Mali Hayes, and Cher.

Dowload the All I Can Do LP here.

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