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Out Da Box TV brings you a special new interview with Producer/Emcee “Jneiro Jarel” who is also known as Dr. Who Dat? and J.J. of JJ DOOM. They caught up with Jneiro last month for what would be his first TV Interview, coincidentally taking place on the actual day he released his highly anticipated collabo LP with the interesting Illustrious Emcee “MF DOOM”. Together, Jneiro and DOOM are known as JJ DOOM and have released a new album entitled Key To The Kuffs. He took the time to speak in-depth about the new JJ DOOM album and what is was like working alongside MF DOOM. He touched on a number of topics related to the project, including how he first met DOOM, to building a chemistry and structure for the album, as well as his favorite recording moments, and the production of the album’s skits. As the interview progressed, Jneiro took some time to speak on his signature sound and give a bit of history on his experience in the music business. In conclusion, he also gave us a hint on what’s next for his music career. It was definitely an honor and a pleasure to interview such a talented brother. Please feel free to cop the new JJ DOOM album and support especially if you like the music. In the meantime, check out our in-depth interview with Jneiro Jarel as he goes in on all things JJ DOOM and other necessities regarding his history as an artist.

Source: HHS

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