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Longevity is a track pairing Belgian beat-maker Koss and Juice Crew great, Masta Ace plus scratches courtesy of DJ Grazzhoppa.

Longevity is about how your consistency and your passion will help you to go through the struggles. There are 20 years between me and Ace (he is 50, I’m 30) but the love for the culture is the same. I knew DJ Grazzhoppa was the perfect person to add to the track. He built that entire chorus just using samples of Ace from his catalog and it came out pretty nice! We shot the video in Hannover (Germany) while Ace was on a European tour in 2016. It was an honor and a privilege to work with the ‘music man.”


Longevity is taken from the full-length Koss album Born To Live, which is out now with CD/digital edition available via Below System Records and the vinyl edition dropping via Slice Of Spice Records.

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