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DJ Irie was at the center of another epic “LIV ON SUNDAYS” night at the alaways amazing LIV Nightclub in South Beach, FL.

Right from the beginning the biggest name in music kept walkign through the door to rock with DJ Irie and DJ Stevie J. Among those in the party included Diddy, Rihanna, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Nas, Meek Mill, Flo Rida, Red Cafe, and many more.

The night definitely came to its peak though when Lil Wayne introduced DMX on stage. Wayne showed lots of praise for DMX being a legend and even recounted a story of the Ruff Ryder Cash Money tour from way back in the day.

DMX proceeded to perform a few songs getting everyone hype! A fight almost broke out in the crowd right before DMX’s first song whcih got everyone even more amped! Crazy!

Check out pics from the party here.

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