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Masta Ace recently released his newest Lp , The Falling Season.
In the concept Lp, Ace revisits his high school years and the age from around 13-17 and the lessons learned at that point in time. He mentions a lot of cool stories including him being in a football team, being a rapper and kids
coming to school to battle him etc.

Heading back to Sheepshead Bay High School, Masta shares the visual for “YBI,” showcasing the evolution young, black and intelligent students of his former school while detailing his own story of self-discovery weaving through the bullies, streets, and education system. He also mentions the sons of guys he used to go to school with him playing them at that age in the video . In his words “When i hear the lyrics it takes me to a time when both my mom and grandmother were still alive so it is very important to me and the whole world was in front of me.”

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