Blackout Top News

In this video, DJ Mr. Green talked with Fat Joe in Miami about how he decided to turn the sounds of the city into a rap song. You can hear how it sound by waching the video below.

˝We headed down to South Beach to meet up with Rara Kuyu, an amazing Haitian-Jewish singer who made it his goal in life to inspire and make people happy. Next, we headed over to Wynwood, the world famous art district, to talk to Grab and his boy Pedro Amos about the area. About 20 blocks over, in Little Haiti, we linked up with a gentleman named Tonton to talk a bit and play some drums. Back to the court, where Kazilla had just finished, we talked to some of the local coaches, made some music with the homie DJ Brace, and linked with Fat Joe to talk about being on top of the world and the DITC days! ˝


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