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This is Noisey’s Greatest UK MCs of All Time – The Final Ten.
A panel discussion with a bunch of Noisey’s friends to decide who are the top ten UK’s greatest ever MCs.

Everyone at home stay calm. We know what the internet gets like when anyone does a list but please, this is a celebration of British talent, not a popularity contest.

The list was argued out by a bunch of Noisey staff, friends, journalists, artists and general people who know stuff about music. We are not saying it’s correct – it’s just what happened when everyone gave their opinions. It’s over to you to discuss now. This list isn’t wrong, it’s just different from yours. Let’s all love each other.

One important thing to say – this is not just about the best MCs in the basic sense of the word – lyrical flow and skills on the mic – this is about the whole package.

We were also looking at cultural impact and influence – have they had full albums / projects rather than just a couple of tracks; have they had success outside of the UK, big live shows; are they a game changer and just a general badman etc etc.

Anyway. This discussion is hosted by Julia Adenuga and with panelists: Poet, A Dot, Toddla T and Chicken Connoisseur.

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