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The second week of each month Tha 4orce will release a digital single with one of his favorite MC’s from the UK. Each song will be accompanied with a video shot by Global Faction. April 2017 will see the physical release of a limited edition colored vinyl album and CD version of Setting Standards. Today we have the video for Wild Wind That Blows featuring Cyclonious.

The aim is to now inspire a new generation of youngsters, musicians, beat makers, MC’s and DJ’s, learn your craft, be the best at it, concentrate on your craft of being creative and inspirational for the culture, as opposed to having an attitude of creating to make money or seek fame.
Be original, don’t do the same thing as everyone else, always set a high bar level, shine and continue to keep setting standards.

Tha 4orce

Via hiphop-thegoldenera.

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