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Brooklyn, NY – May 16, 2012 – “In a time where being lyrical is considered illegal, I continue to give you That Raw” Hip hop recording artist Torae has released the video for That Raw, the latest single from his recently released solo project “For The Record”. Directed by Brian Robinson of Hyerground, the video is a three vignette story set in a time where being lyrical is considered criminal and selling “That Raw” is illegal. Scene one features “Street Hustler” Torae dealing words to a hungry customer in need his finest product. Scene two is set in an abandoned warehouse where product is being bagged up for shipping in this homage to the famous scene from “New Jack City.” In scene three, Torae pulls up to the final meeting spot, where he makes his biggest score yet – an ending that is sure to be both surprising and thought provoking.

Pete Rock production. Download the track here.

  1. Akello Light on May 19, 2012

    All day..pete rock